A Local Church Serving The Community

The Church of the Holy Rood (Church of England) exists to serve all in the local community. We are located on Moorside Road, on the south side of the East Lancashire Road, in Swinton.

Regular times of worship are 8 am (First and Third Sundays of month) 10.15 am every Sunday, 10 am on Wednesdays and 12 noon Fridays.

The church is open and inclusive in its approach, and visitors and newcomers are always welcome.

A wide range of activities for all ages are held throughout the week in Moorside Memorial Hall which is located adjacent to the church.

(For the full range of activities and contact details please refer to our 'Moorside Memorial Hall' page)


Weddings, Baptisms and Funerals at Holy Rood Church
If you would like to use Holy Rood church for any of the above services then please do contact our Priest In Charge Reverend Dorothy (Dot) Fair.

Dot will take your details, confirm the availability of the church on the day in question and inform you of any other requirements that might be necessary.


Priest In Charge
Reverend Dorothy (Dot) Fair.   Telephone: 0161 794 2464 - Vicarage


The Parochial Church Council - PCC.

The PCC meets on the first Tuesday of each month and is the main governing body of the church.

In addition to the clergy, membership of the PCC includes two Church Wardens, a Secretary, a Treasurer, together with a range of representatives from the wider church. This includes individuals from the parish who serve on the Deanery Synod.

Elections for Church Officers and the PCC are held annually (Usually April), and all those on the church's electoral roll are eligible to vote or stand.

The PCC delegates much of its work to a range of sub-committees, including a Buildings Committee, Finance Committee, Fairs Group, Worship Group, and a Co-ordinating Committee. Membership of these committees is usually by invitation, but members of the church with particular areas of interest or expertise are always welcome.

Matters of concern to anybody in the church or the local community should initially be raised directly with the Vicar, Church Wardens, or any representative of the PCC.

Current Office Holders

Verger: David Grimshaw. 

Treasurer: Mark Armitage. 

Church Warden: Paul Rimmer.

Parochial Church Council Secretary: Heather Latham.