Weddings at Holy Rood Church


Holy Rood is a beautiful building for a traditional church wedding. The church can comfortably seat well over two hundred guests, but it is also small enough for an intimate gathering of only thirty or forty.

If you have never been inside, we do encourage you to visit the church during one of our services to have a look for yourself!

Normally, a wedding at Holy Rood is only possible if at least one of the couple either lives in the parish, or is a regular worshiper at the church. To count as a regular worshiper, you need to attend worship at least once a month for six months, after which you would apply to join the church's membership list (known as the Electoral Roll). If you are not sure whether you live in the parish, or could meet the requirement of being a regular worshiper, please contact the vicar. 

In keeping with national guidelines issued by the Church of England, the clergy at Holy Rood are usually happy to marry those who have been divorced, as long as the new partner was not involved in the break-up of the original marriage. Where appropriate, the church is also available for a service of Prayer and Dedication after a civil marriage (sometimes known as a 'Service of Blessing').

The cost of a wedding at Holy Rood varies, depending on what is required. As a rough guide, however, the typical cost of a wedding at Holy Rood in 2006 was around £350, including the cost of an organist, and background flower displays.

If you are interested in the possibility of organising a wedding at Holy Rood, please contact the Vicar (well in advance!) who will arrange to meet with you both in person to discuss things further.

Civil partnerships and same-sex blessings 
There currently exists no authorised liturgy for the blessing of same-sex partnerships in the Church of England. Where a couple have registered a civil partnership, however, the Vicar will be happy to meet with them, and offer prayers with them as appropriate.

As with marriage, this would normally only be possible when at least one of the couple either lives in the parish, or is a regular worshiper at the church. Please contact the vicar for more information.

Renewal of wedding vows 
Where a married couple are looking to celebrate a significant anniversary together, or to reaffirm their commitment to one another, the church is able to provide a service of Thanksgiving for Marriage. This can take the form of anything from an intimate and quiet renewal of vows before a priest in private, to a full celebration in church with family and friends, and is a wonderful way to celebrate your relationship.

There is no statutory charge for this service, although donations to the church are, of course, welcome.

If you've never considered it before, why not contact us o plan a renewal of wedding vows for your next wedding anniversary?