Baptism - Thanksgiving For The Gift Of A Child

Baptism (also known as Christening) involves a commitment to lead a Christian life, and become a member of the church. It can be a significant moment in the life of a child or adult, involving profound promises as well as great celebration. If you'd like to explore the possibility of arranging a baptism at Holy Rood church, please contact the Vicar who would be delighted to help.

Those who are interested in being baptised as adults will usually be invited to attend a number of church services at Holy Rood, and to come along to one of our regular Explore courses. To find out more about the Explore course, click here. This is usually a good place to think through matters of faith and spirituality for yourself, and to ensure that you are confident about making the promises that are part of the baptism service. We are a reasonably friendly bunch, and you will quickly find yourself welcome!

If you'd like to arrange a baptism for a child, you will usually be invited to one of our special children's services, and to meet with one of the clergy to prepare you for the baptism itself. The baptism service involves parents and godparents making promises to bring the child up as a Christian, and you will need to know you can take these in good faith. If you're not sure what this involves, the clergy will be able to talk it through with you.

Baptisms are usually arranged (with advance notice) for twelve o'clock on a Sunday, after the main church service has finished. Other times are possible, however, including during the main church service itself. Children are usually expected to have between two and four godparents, all of whom should themselves have been baptised. Adult candidates for baptism should normally have at least two sponsors, who will often be existing members of the church.

Normally, baptism at Holy Rood is possible only for those who either live in the parish, or who are regular worshippers at Holy Rood church. If you live elsewhere, the Vicar can help put you in touch with the local church where you live, who should be able to arrange a baptism for you. 

There is no charge for baptism, although donations to the church are, of course, welcome. The charge for a baptism certificate, if one is required, is £12.

Thanksgiving for the gift of a child
If you would like a short service in church for your child, but are not sure about making Christian promises on their behalf, you might like to consider a Service of Thanksgiving instead of a baptism.

The service involves offering prayers of blessing over the child and his or her family, and a formal naming ceremony, but does not require parents or godparents to undertake any specific vows or promises. Of course, if you've had a service of thanksgiving, it is always possible to arrange for a service of baptism at a later date. There is no charge for this service, although donations to the church are, of course, welcome.

If you think you might be interested in arranging a service of thanksgiving for your child, please telephone the Vicarage on 0161 794 2464 or use our website 'Contact Us' form.