Holy Rood Church is principally financed through the ongoing generosity of parishioners and friends who donate and bequeath money to us. On this page you will find out more about how you can support the our church by making a donation or leaving a legacy. Please do use the Contact Us facility should you wish to find out any further information. All donations are gratefully received.

Regular giving

If you would like to support the many charitable works of Holy Rood and help maintain the fine building; which was built over 100 years ago; on a regular basis, please do contact us and we can discuss a number of different options from weekly giving via our Weekly Offering Scheme or via Standing Order directly to our bank account.

Alternatively, individual donations can be made via the envelopes in church.

Any cheques should be made payable to: Holy Rood Church PCC Account No.1 and sent to:- 

The Treasurer
Holy Rood Vicarage
33 Moorside Road
Salford M27 0EL

Donations at Church

If you are visiting the Church, donations can be made via our collection plate at the rear of church, or preferably by completing one of our white Gift Aid envelopes available on each pew.

      Please remember - if you are a UK taxpayer, please do complete the Gift Aid part of the form. Doing so will allow us to claim back the income tax you have paid on the money you give. This is a valuable and free resource that will increase the value of your donation by at least 25%. 

An important part of Christian Giving 

Gifts in Wills are also an important part of Christian giving. Many of us give regularly to the church each week or month from our income; why not from our estates too? It's also a way to give thanks to God for the gifts of our life and lifetime.

For nearly 500 years, since the first edition of the Book of Common Prayer, the Church of England has encouraged people to make a will, as a simple act of good stewardship. "And if he hath not before disposed of his goods, let him then be admonished to make his Will."  


If you don't make a valid Will, your loved ones could face significant trouble and expense after your death, and a court will decide how to distribute your estate and who looks after your dependents.

Making a Will - and updating it regularly - is the only way to make sure your wishes are carried out after your death, giving you peace of mind that you can continue to support the family, friends and causes you love.

For many churches, regular giving (as described above) is absorbed in 'keeping the show on the road' - paying the parish share, insurance, heating the building, repairing the roof and so on.

A legacy gift offers an opportunity for furthering the mission and ministry of Holy Rood according to your wishes. A gift from your Will could support our young people, be used to refurbish or preserve a specific area of our church, equip the church with new Bibles or vestments, and much,much more - the options are limitless - but the decision is yours.

This link will take you to a Church of England website that contains a wealth of further information about leaving a legacy to your church. 

Do please contact us if you would like to find out more about leaving a legacy to Holy Rood Church.